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Milky Way Whatipu
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Milky Way Whatipu by Elton McAleer Username:EltonMcAleer User-ID:117163
The Milky way hangs low in the western sky over the lagoons of the remote beach at Whatipu, West Auckland.
15,838 x 8,530 = 0.13 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-21T views: 8 Explore Score: ID:202671

Brokeback Mountain Mosaico
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Brokeback Mountain Mosaico by Username: User-ID:118438
Brokeback Mountain Mosaico
41,230 x 65,148 = 2.50 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-21T views: 5 Explore Score: ID:202670

Frankfurt at dusk
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Frankfurt at dusk by Aleksandr Reznik Username:aramarfoz User-ID:20403
From Main Tower
28,293 x 9,639 = 0.25 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 42 Explore Score: ID:202668

Curiosity Rover Sol 568 & 571 Composites
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Curiosity Rover Sol 568 & 571 Composites by Todd Hetherington Username:ToddH User-ID:115873
Composites made from Mastcam images taken on sol 568 & 571. The images were processed from the PDS raw DRCX .img files. NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS originals: https://mars.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?s=568&camera=MAST_ https://mars.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?s=571&camera=MAST_
26,900 x 7,900 = 0.20 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 101 Explore Score: 117 ID:202664

Lapilli from Mt. Etna
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Lapilli from Mt. Etna by Robin Rohrback Username:rcr267 User-ID:49032
Sample contributed by Sarah Yun.
14,152 x 14,776 = 0.19 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 28 Explore Score: 106.6 ID:202660

Spechty Kopf Diamictite, Plane Polars
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Spechty Kopf Diamictite, Plane Polars by Username: User-ID:49032
NVCC slide JW9.
76,277 x 40,766 = 2.90 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 24 Explore Score: 111.75 ID:202659

photo twin 400mm principale
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photo twin 400mm principale by MEDIAS24 MEDIAS24 Username:MEDIAS24 User-ID:117982
photo twin 400mm principale
164,724 x 26,396 = 4.05 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 83 Explore Score: 113.35 ID:202658

NWA 11038 Meteorite Thin Section
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NWA 11038 Meteorite Thin Section by Taylor Trott Username:ttrott User-ID:111565
NWA 11038 Meteorite Thin Section Nikon D810, Zerene Stacker, Picture Window Pro, GIMP, digiCamControl More information: https://solaranamnesis.com/2017/09/20/nwa-11038-meteorite-thin-section/
45,696 x 33,152 = 1.41 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 30 Explore Score: 109.6 ID:202657

MSL 1802 M34 D
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MSL 1802 M34 D by Username: User-ID:59241
MSL 1802 M34 D
34,409 x 11,364 = 0.36 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 99 Explore Score: 108.7 ID:202656

Holland America Line office building - Rotterdam
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Holland America Line office building - Rotterdam by marcel piek Username:mapiek User-ID:118642
Holland America Line office building - Rotterdam currently in use as a hotel and restaurant (Hotel New York)
12,776 x 8,552 = 0.10 Gigapixels
taken 2017-09-20T views: 41 Explore Score: 109.4 ID:202655

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