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Saint Paul island
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Saint Paul island by Marc LEMENAGER Username:Marc_LEMENAGER User-ID:115241
Collapsed volcanic crater located in the Southern Indian Ocean. 11 images, taken freehand on a moving fishing boat.
18,448 x 4,612 = 0.08 Gigapixels
taken 2016-07-01T views: 38 Explore Score: ID:188828

Framed Painting
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Framed Painting by Ron Schott Username:rschott User-ID:1252
Painted Canyon, Mecca Hills
71,360 x 32,172 = 2.14 Gigapixels
taken 2016-07-01T views: 12 Explore Score: ID:188827

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160630 FARO ZUMAIA by JOSE LUIS DIZ Username:euskalgigafoto User-ID:39467
19,919 x 6,640 = 0.12 Gigapixels
taken 2016-07-01T views: 20 Explore Score: ID:188826

Painted Canyon Fault
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Painted Canyon Fault by Ron Schott Username:rschott User-ID:1252
Mecca Hills, California
116,768 x 34,316 = 3.73 Gigapixels
taken 2016-07-01T views: 17 Explore Score: ID:188823

Mecca Hills Overview
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Mecca Hills Overview by Ron Schott Username:rschott User-ID:1252
Uplifted along the San Andreas Fault Zone
157,516 x 11,816 = 1.73 Gigapixels
taken 2016-07-01T views: 39 Explore Score: 114.05 ID:188819

Unconformity above Orocopia Schist
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Unconformity above Orocopia Schist by Ron Schott Username:rschott User-ID:1252
Box Canyon, Mecca Hills, San Andreas Fault Zone
81,476 x 16,188 = 1.23 Gigapixels
taken 2016-07-01T views: 42 Explore Score: 112.35 ID:188818

Oberbaum Bridge
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Oberbaum Bridge by Username:discoguy77 User-ID:56035
View from north-west side
17,536 x 3,873 = 0.06 Gigapixels
taken 2016-06-30T views: 47 Explore Score: 107.25 ID:188817

Where is the Curiosity rover and its tasks for Sol 1384 by Ryan Anderson of the NASA science team
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Where is the Curiosity rover and its tasks for Sol 1384 by Ryan Anderson of the NASA science team by Gary Proffitt Username:marsoptica User-ID:72478
Our weekend Curiosity rover soliday plan was successful, putting us about halfway to our next likely drilling location. We are now in “unrestricted” planning again, meaning we will be getting data down overnight and can plan every day this week. . The Sol 1384 plan starts with ChemCam of the target “Berseba.” Mastcam will also image Berseba, as well as the ChemCam AEGIS target from the weekend. Mastcam then has a mosaic of the nearby “Baynes Mountain” to capture the details of the stratigraphy there, as well as some atmospheric observations. After that, the plan is to drive for about 70 meters and collect our standard post-drive images. Since the drive is expected to put us in a location with a good view of the surrounding geology, we will also do a 360 degree Mastcam mosaic at the end of the sol. . by Ryan Anderson http://blogs.agu.org/martianchronicles/2016/06/27/sol-1384-curiosity-rover-baynes-mountain/ . Ryan Anderson is a Research Geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey Astrogeology Science Center. Ryan has a background in Physics and Astronomy and received his PhD in Planetary Science from Cornell University. His research helped lead to the selection of the Gale crater landing site for the Curiosity rover, and he is on the science team for the ChemCam instrument on Curiosity. Ryan is involved in Curiosity operations as ChemCam science payload downlink lead (sPDL) and science payload uplink lead (sPUL), as well as keeper of the plan (KOP) for the Geology and Mineralogy theme group. Ryan is also a member of the science team for the SuperCam instrument on the upcoming 2020 rover. Ryan is interested in deciphering the history of Mars through quantitative geomorphology and spectroscopy. He also is very interested in using computers to help scientists do better science through machine learning and other techniques.
49,998 x 2,475 = 0.12 Gigapixels
taken 2016-06-30T views: 65 Explore Score: 118 ID:188815

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Wittlich by Daniel Reis Username:DanielReis User-ID:40469
And another try for my hometown. I shot this using my Canon EOS 5D Mark III with a Canon EF 70-200mm 1:2,8 L IS II USM Lens and a Canon 2x Extender EF III.
135,000 x 23,000 = 2.89 Gigapixels
taken 2016-06-30T views: 86 Explore Score: 119.75 ID:188814

Yellowstone NP, Morning Glory Pool
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Yellowstone NP, Morning Glory Pool by Username:r1schmidt User-ID:17575
Yellowstone NP, Morning Glory Pool
55,948 x 39,132 = 2.04 Gigapixels
taken 2016-06-30T views: 33 Explore Score: 109.7 ID:188812

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