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Los Angeles from Griffith Park
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Los Angeles from Griffith Park by Sylvain Lepoutre Username:Slepoutre User-ID:76603
Wide view of LA from the beaches to Downtown and more.
32,708 x 6,355 = 0.19 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 21 Explore Score: ID:194066

GBL Wordle
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GBL Wordle by Kristin Stansbury Username:kstansbury User-ID:113620
Cucumber Project wordle created by students 13.9 zoom manual settings 5.6 f 1/20 ISO 200
9,756 x 8,428 = 0.08 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 17 Explore Score: ID:194065

Hoover Dam-Lake Meade-Colorado river_landscape_desert,Mountains-Nevada-monument-architecture-construction
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Hoover Dam-Lake Meade-Colorado river_landscape_desert,Mountains-Nevada-monument-architecture-construction by John Post Username:John Post User-ID:8522
The Hoover Dam shot #2 is from the center of the new bridge over the Colorado River 11-19-16. This image is made from 54 photos and is 175x381" inches in size. Built in the 1930s the Hoover dam provides electricity and water from Lake Mead to millions of people in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the southwest. I have never been to a place where i've seen more selfies being taken than at the Hoover Dam, individuals, groups, families from around the world, all taking selfies and using selfie sticks, wow. ©John Post
26,696 x 12,308 = 0.31 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 20 Explore Score: ID:194061

Art Concept 2016 in Downtown Miami's Bayfront Park, (extra high resolution version).
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Art Concept 2016 in Downtown Miami's Bayfront Park, (extra high resolution version). by Robert Holmes Username:digitalbob User-ID:43711
Art Concept 2016 in Downtown Miami's Bayfront Park, (extra high resolution version). (Image PL030028-0432_AAL.psb)
165,796 x 61,172 = 9.45 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 27 Explore Score: ID:194060

MSL 1529-1537 M-100
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MSL 1529-1537 M-100 by Neville Thompson Username:pencilnev User-ID:59241
MSL 1529-1537 M-100
23,907 x 12,280 = 0.27 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 420 Explore Score: 116.95 ID:194053

Negril Jamaica
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Negril Jamaica by Bill Kennedy Username:billkennedy User-ID:116597
A view from Beaches resort in Negril Jamaica
23,984 x 2,080 = 0.05 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 56 Explore Score: 108.2 ID:194052

Worldtheater - Christmas Crib
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Worldtheater - Christmas Crib "Maria Engelport" 2016 by Andreas Bluetner Username:AndyB User-ID:47152
Welttheater - Weihnachtskrippe Maria Engelport 2016 … Worldtheater - Christmas Crib "Maria Engelport" 2016 Crib from Naples in the monastery (Treis-Karden) district Kreis Cochem-Zell. Built and designed by Guglielmo Muoio, a young nativity-builder from Naples (Italy). The special feature of this crib is the diversity of its figures and the richness of the details that are visible. For more information see: www.kloster-engelport.de ------------------- Krippe aus Neapel im Kloster Maria Engelport (Treis-Karden) [Kreis Cochem-Zell]. Erbaut und gestaltet von Guglielmo Muoio, einem jungen Krippenbauer aus Neapel (Italien). Das Besondere dieser Krippe liegt in der Vielfalt ihrer Figuren und dem Reichtum der Einzelheiten, die sichtbar sind. Mehr Informationen siehe: www.kloster-engelport.de … ------------------- Facts: Date: 04. December 2016 (16:08 Uhr) Cam: NIKON D810 Original: 42 pictures @ 35 mm Originalsize: 21.849 x 13.893 FOV: 100.00 x 70.00 degrees A: f/16 S: 30 sec. ISO: 125 F: 35 mm
21,849 x 13,893 = 0.28 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 321 Explore Score: 117 ID:194051

Norway Bergen Panorama Wide
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Norway Bergen Panorama Wide by Giuliano Bernardi Username:GiulianoBernardi User-ID:39801
Panorama of Bergen from above
36,380 x 5,659 = 0.19 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 53 Explore Score: 109.45 ID:194050

Sanlúcar de Barrameda
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Sanlúcar de Barrameda by Blanca Esther Cores Rodríguez Username:BlancaCores User-ID:116569
Vista desde el hotel Gualdalquivir.
31,181 x 6,776 = 0.20 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 186 Explore Score: 108.75 ID:194048

จุฬาฯ เทิด ธ พระภูมิพล จุดเทียน
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จุฬาฯ เทิด ธ พระภูมิพล จุดเทียน by Chawan Koopipat Username:Radar User-ID:33160
จุฬาฯ เทิด ธ พระภูมิพล จุดเทียน
64,688 x 34,600 = 2.08 Gigapixels
taken 2016-12-05T views: 39 Explore Score: 112.25 ID:194046

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