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Swath of CP
Swath of CP by David Herbert Username:rvav User-ID:77550
Five minutes of shooting before the rain fell.
51,248 x 16,363 = 0.78 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 33 Explore Score: ID:165094

Mars rock monsters - a Haloween special... Rocks morph over time and things move under the surface.
Mars rock monsters - a Haloween special... Rocks morph over time and things move under the surface. by Gary Proffitt Username:marsoptica User-ID:72478
Good evening creatures of the universal darkness of space - I intelligently scanned two panoramics to notice if I could see any changes in the details that might highlight anything that was moving between the close time these two panoramics were snapped by the curiosity rover.What did stand out was amazing as one rock has not only grown taller but has altered its shape and the crack on its side has also strangly changed. . You will also notice underneath the rock indicated by the red arrow there is a strage shape appeared that has altered the borderline between itself and the rock above. . The green arrow indicates also an area that has altered. . I have also noticed a rock whose right hand side appears to lean over from an angle of leaning back.Locate the green arrow and follow up to the horizon to find a boulder formation or look at the right hand side column, third image down and one of the blue highlighted sections to compare it with the top right image. . I have long suspected that some strange Mars rocks that curiosity has snapped like the ones that NASA named as "Rocks nest" have details on them that cannot be explained by conventional geology.For instance some have the appearance as if treacle had been poured over them and set, then more layers added like an over iced cake.This can only indicate that a creative process has added to the form which is the opposite of an erosion process.Only something that is coming from the local recent enviroment could be doing this and this is another mystery that needs solving. . Simply stating that the rocks are formed by ancient volcanism or other geology when they would of been eroded away by now is not resonable nor very scientific and neither is NASA skipping past obvious water details in the local enviroment like the ones I discovered quite easily... . Note - Another clue that something has occured in the focus item rock that is unusual aside the fact that when the angle has slighty changed in perspective between shots the top of the rock has rotated one way and the base the other is the fact that in the middle is a crack that looks like a fold and contortion stress feature and not a simple crack in a rock thus the material is not solid or liquid but more a maniable substance. . Organic materials are very different from natural ones in that they have the ability to be inbetween a solid and a liquid state being composed of complex molecular structures...
8,000 x 8,000 = 0.06 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 55 Explore Score: 134.9 ID:165093

Human Blood Smear Sample @ Smart Imaging Lab
Human Blood Smear Sample @ Smart Imaging Lab by Smart Imaging Lab UCONN Username:SmartImagingLab User-ID:78257
Human Blood Smear Sample, FoV:6.2mm*4.2mm, Diameter: ~7.5mm, Method: Fourier Ptychography, Link: https://sites.google.com/site/gazheng/
26,836 x 18,208 = 0.46 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 62 Explore Score: 112.8 ID:165091

Faults Exposed in Roadcut on OR-97
Faults Exposed in Roadcut on OR-97 by Ron Schott Username:rschott User-ID:1252
North of Klamath Falls. Captured in the last light of day. For an interpretation and discussion of this site, see: http://outsidetheinterzone.blogspot.com/2013/01/geo-365-jan-19-day-19-not-quite-normal.html
45,668 x 15,680 = 0.67 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 94 Explore Score: 118 ID:165090

Caribou, Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota
Caribou, Bell Museum of Natural History, University of Minnesota by Tom Nelson Username:tnp651 User-ID:18592
At the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History, two floors of dioramas display all of Minnesota's habitats, along with the birds, animals, plants and insects that populate the state. Constructed between 1920 and the late 1940s, the Bell Museum's dioramas illustrate what Minnesota was like before the ax and plow. The museum is located on the University of Minnesota campus. The northernmost members of the deer family, woodland caribou can survive in bleak habitat conditions that do not support moose or deer. They can survive solely on a diet of lichens. They are susceptible to the brainworm that is fatal to moose and do best at very low population densities which do not attract wolves, because they cannot tolerate very much predation. Woodland caribou were native to much of northern Minnesota, but almost disappeared not long after the arrival of settlers. When this diorama was made in the 1930s, they were almost extinct in Minnesota. Stitch notes: GigaPan Stitch version 2.2.0374 (Macintosh) Panorama size: 1008 megapixels (45464 x 22188 pixels) Input images: 126 (14 columns by 9 rows) Field of view: 91.5 degrees wide by 44.7 degrees high (top=15.7, bottom=-29.0) Settings: Vignette correction off Original image properties: Camera: Panasonic DMC-GX7 Image size: 4592x3448 (16.0 megapixels) Capture time: 2014-09-10 10:43:41 - 2014-09-10 11:16:27 Exposure time: 0.6 - 0.8 sec at f/8 ISO: 200 Focal length (35mm equiv.): 194.0 mm Exposure mode: Manual Horizontal overlap: 26.3 to 42.6 percent Vertical overlap: 28.4 to 35.4 percent Computer stats: 8192 MB RAM, 4 CPUs Total time 9:04 (4.3 seconds per picture) Alignment: 1:17, Projection: 1:30, Blending: 6:16 (Preview finished in 4:52)
41,958 x 21,274 = 0.83 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 37 Explore Score: 123 ID:165089

Lulsundsberget by Joakim Syk Username:jockesyk User-ID:78247
View over the town of Luleå, Sweden from an apartment on Lulsundsberget.
33,572 x 8,420 = 0.26 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 63 Explore Score: 112.65 ID:165080

Överkalix by Joakim Syk Username:jockesyk User-ID:78247
The town of Överkalix in the north of Sweden. Shot from the top of a hill called Brännaberget.
49,101 x 5,216 = 0.24 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 66 Explore Score: 113.85 ID:165079

Nhon Ly 2014
Nhon Ly 2014 by Nhonlyfriends.com Username:thuongtx User-ID:44352
Nhon Ly, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh (c) Nhonlyfriends Group
47,386 x 5,384 = 0.24 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 204 Explore Score: 118.6 ID:165077

Quad 2 Courtyard & Paint of the Cheer
Quad 2 Courtyard & Paint of the Cheer by Ryan Gamadia Username:rgamadia User-ID:78239
Livingston Campus
42,244 x 4,084 = 0.16 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 85 Explore Score: 118.85 ID:165075

Black Angel
Black Angel by Sakrapee Nopparat Username:Auxin User-ID:78244
Black Angel
9,000 x 6,007 = 0.05 Gigapixels
taken 2014-10-31T views: 87 Explore Score: 107.55 ID:165074

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